In this chapter-XIV, I discuss on "Uncertainty Principle" and its impact on "Microscopic world".
In this chapter-XIV, I discuss on “Uncertainty Principle” and why this principle is so uncertain that no one find the exact definition of this principle. This principles describes how particles are uncertain whether it is wave also. 
But this principle applies for microscopic world, not for macroscopic world. Every particles in this entire universe are uncertain whether these particles are in form of wave or as a light’s particles. Uncertainty happens like a complex geometry of space. Uncertainty does not mean “instability of particles” but our “quantum sense” cannot measure this and ultimately one cannot determine the particle’s velocity and position. This is not accurate for us but is more accurate for every particles those interact with each other. There are so many reasons that assists the “quantum behavior of these particles”. 
Uncertainty arise when very…



In this chapter-XVI, Chief Kenin refuses for the selection of a girl (Scarlett.J) as being selected by the Prof. Mores.

Prof. Mores: Yes, Kenin. This student was no one but Travis Kel and other student he told me was also my student. 

Kenin Banique: Travis, you never told me about your experience with Prof. Mores. 

Travis Kel: Sorry Chief, but I never tell anyone and my experience with Prof. Mores. 

Kenin Banique: So, Travis you are ready for this mission and Prof. Mores. you also. 

Travis Kel: Yes, I am ready and prepare for this mission. 

Prof. Mores: I am also ready for this mission, Kenin. 

Kenin Banique: This is my team and as I told you earlier every person will give individual team and training session will start from tomorrow because we have not so much time for waiting. 

Prof. Mores: Then what for fourth person, Kenin. 

Kenin Banique: Fourth what are you saying? 

Prof. Mores: As you decided that you will select four person for this mission. As Travis, I, Stark, and other wi…

"Undefined Love"




In this chapter-XIV, Kenin Banique surprised what Prof. Mores tells him"
Travis Kel: Sir, I am always your admirer. 
Prof. Mores: Thanks and nice to meet you. You are such a brilliant officer and also a brilliant student. 
Teavis Kel: Thanks sir, but you are a genius and passionate Space Physicist. 
Prof. Mores: Thanks Travis and you said something about this girl. 
Travis Kel: Yes, Prof. Mores. She was my classmate and I know she was your best student. 
Prof. Mores: I do not remember her face but remember her incredible imagination and creativity towards science and space. 
Travis Kel: I know she was a brilliant girl and always scored first. 
Suddenly Chief Kenin enter in the room with his team. 
Kenin Banique: I think both of you would discuss a lot on this mission. Hope so. Well, Meet my team that will assist you into this mission. 
Travis Kel: Nice to meet your team, Kenin. 
Prof. Mores: Your team is fantastic. But I find that person. 
Kenin Banique: Who is that per…



In this chapter-XIV, I discuss on "Creator" and is there any need of individual creator for individual space?
n this chapter-XIV, I discuss why there is any need of spaces and who creates these spaces? 
In all these previous chapters there is one similarity that is who creates everything and who is responsible for space creation and why? We emphasis on some aspects that are responsible for everything not a “theory of everything” but understand like a learner. We know everything is not the end of the anything and one has to understand like a small particles that exists everywhere as this does not mean these particles are create infinite journey but travels like a traveler.  Our motive is not to attain everything like a mountaineer but understand nature’s laws that itself is a “Giant Law” and also understand these laws clearly so as to know about the “mystic dice” played by nature. However, space that we all observe is like a confined ball where entire stuff confined…



"Eradicate Self"